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Friday, March 11, 2005

Quick! Where's the pizza?

Faster than a speeding bullet? Quick snack pizza. Thin crust. No, really thin. C'mon, tell me you haven't been in this situation. No time to make a meal. Have a hankering for pizza. Ain't gonna use some frozen sewer cover pizza. Uh-uh. Not gonna do it. Whadda ya gonna do? Well, if you were in my house, no problemo. Always have cheeses and some sort of leftover Italian-seasoned tomato sauce. Flour, oil, etc. (or just some leftover flour tortillas--store bought are really usually OK). Some sort of toppings (veggies, meats--usually leftovers or some bacon pieces or crumbs in the fridge, whatever). (Addendum: here's a decent flour tortilla recipe. It's easy, and it just works.) Easy: just slap some tomato sauce--appropriately seasoned--on a flour tortilla, add cheese and toppings, more cheese. Set oven at about 350-375 (oven temps vary). Use a convection oven if you have one to get the cheeses nice & melted quickly, etc. Depending on your toppings, about 20 minutes oughta do it. Yeh, the tortilla crust makes a nicely crisp THIN crust. And while I prefer a thick yeast crust, this'll do in a pinch. Serves one. Make your own. This one is mine (Three cheeses, thin-sliced dried pepper-beef, bacon, onion and jalapeno peppers—yum!)