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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Funny thing, that

Underground SA I've been getting a goodly number of hits from Saudi Arabia resulting from folks (guys, I would assume) searching for a phrase in Arabic (found in "No shoot, Sherlock") that translates "filthy whore." (I used the term in a fictitious quote of one of the Iraqi "room mates" of the supposedly kidnapped Italian commie "journalist.") Hmmmm... A yahoo search for a term that indicates some guys in Saudi are looking for porn (something that's supposedly a SEVERE no-no in S.A.). Searches for the same Arabic term are also showing up from Egypt, Sudan, Kuwait, the UAE, Israel (?!?), Holland, Sweden and... Illinois. *sigh* Well, at least they're not finding what they're looking for here. And... the searches from the Arabic countries indicate a possible ripe field for, um, missions. (Not being good little Muslim boys, now are we? Eh? *heh*) And so it goes...