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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

The 65-cent solution

Take the money and run

Here's an idea: improve the delivery of services in so-called "public education" to the end user (the student) without raising taxes. The example below is for Missouri. Go to http://firstclasseducation.org/ to check $$ in other states. Now, admittedly, simply more $$ in the classroom isn't THE answer to better education, but less spent on administration (the biggest waste of $$ in "public schools"--administrators are typically the dumbest people around and doing the most to obstruct teaching/learning--but that's another issue) would be a great place to get more $$ for the classroom, IMO. For more on improving "public education" past the "prisons for kids" situation that now exists, see: "It's For the Children™" Sure, I posted "It's Forthe Children™" on April 1, but I wasn't kidding. While funding issues (like those dealt with by the 65-cent solution) don't make my top five problems that need solving, less money on non-essential (read, mostly "Administration") services and more on the classroom is a big plus.