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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Stovetop Taco Pie

Food just like I like it: tasty, nutritious and easily-prepared
This recipe is one of my fav ways to use "leftover" chili (when I have any left over, that is... ).
Stovetop Taco Pie
4 C chili (see below)
Large bag of your fav tortilla chips
2 C shredded cheese (your fav: I prefer a mix of cheddar and monterey jack)
2 C
Quick Salsa
1 regular-sized can of whole-kernel corn
Layer: chili, chips, salsa, corn, cheese, chili, chips, salsa... and end with a layer of chips and cheese.
Add some sliced jalapenos or seranos for extra kick if you want (or have them available to add later to taste).
Cover and heat in skillet on medium heat until cheese just melts, then turn heat to LOW and cook for another 10 minutes or so.
Serve with sides of guacamole, rice or refried beans (prep for both here) and lotsa shredded letuce and chopped onions, peppers, sour cream and more salsa available for garnish.
Oh, did I say sliced ripe olives? No, I see I didn't.  Shame on me.  Nice additional garnish.  But don't limit yourself to garnishes/addenda I mention.  Let me know what you try out and like that I haven't mentioned.
Chili: For some reason, I can't seem to find my post of my chili recipe.  I know I had to have posted it sometime or another, but it's slipped into the ether... So, here goes.  It's one of those "more of a process than a recipe" recipes.
1.) About a pound of roast beef, shredded, preferably leftovers.
2.) 3-4 cups of beans, cooked.  See here for the process. *heh*  Pinto beans, only, please.  :-)
3.) A whole, large yellow (sweet) onion, chopped.
4.) A couple of cups of garlic, minced.
5.) About 1/2 to one cup of Red Sauce.  Use the recipe for red enchilada sauce, here. If you have no sense of taste, just use the packaged chili powder junk.  (Blech!)
6.) At least two tablespoonsful of freshly ground cumin. I use more.
7.) A few leaves of dried oregano, crushed between your hands and dusted off into the pan...
8.) A sparse dash or two of chinese five-spice.  Yeh, it'll work.  Just trust me on this one.
9.) A can of chopped tomatoes or some of your fav spaghetti sauce (can cut the earlier oregano if you choose this route).
Get the onions and garlic started clarifying in a medium-heat skillet with some olive or corn oil (diff flavors, your taste). Add the beef (already cooked, preferably "leftover" roast).  Add the herbs and spices and cook, covered at lower heat, until the beef's done (you're way ahead if you went with leftovers!).  Add the red sauce, tomatoes and beans and simmer for an hour or so, checking to see if any added water's needed from time to time.
It's chili.