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Thursday, April 28, 2005

What KIND of Polyhedral am I?

Not that it's any of your business, but...

I am a d100

Take the quiz at dicepool.com

Here's what the comments on my quiz results were:

There's [sic] two ways to end up with this result. Either you picked the silliest possible answer to each question, or you answered honestly, and happen to be hyperactive, manic, loon. Assuming you answered honestly, your profile is as follows: You are the 100-sided dice, also known as the legendary Zocchihedron. You are the bit of data that registers so far off the chart that the average person doesn't even know you exist... Your jokes have the lowest laugh ratio, but you go for quantity, not quality. Once you get started on a pointless tangent, it takes a group effort to bring you back to reality and make you shut up... The one secret they aren't telling you, is how they sometimes actually miss the noise when you're gone.

[Update: though update isn't really the word. "Redaction" maybe. The opening comment in the quoted material above, in addition to its glaring grammatical error, makes an error of reasoning, as well.  Of course there's at least one more option to the two mentioned above.  I could have answered each question honestly AND THEREFORE picked the silliest answer to each question.  It's not an exclusive proposition, as the atatement above seems to indicate. heh]

No one who's ever heard me recite P.L. Heath's Encyclopedia of Philosophy article on "Nothing" could possibly agree with that, could they?  Could they?


Oh, and thx for the link to goes Jenna Thomas-McKie , whose blog I found following a link on a comment she made  at Boudicca's Voice .

Hey! You guys do go visit these links, don't you?  Well, get on it!!