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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

The Anti-Sylph

So ya wanna be a sylph?
Well, Bou says Sissy's assigning a word a week to use in blogs, kinda a bloggish Word Power thingy.  This week's is "sylph" and anyone who knows me knows it's not a word I'd characteristically use, so here, with profound, but insincere, apologies to Joyce Kilmer for semi-stealing his beat (though not so much his rhyme scheme):
The Anti-Sylph
I think that I shall never be
The slender, sylphid nymph you see
Bending e'er so gracefully
'Gainst the gentle breeze.

For I am rough and hard, though fat,
An' graceful just ain't where I'm at,
Cos no durn wind'll even blow my hat
With it's pernicious wheeze.