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Sunday, May 15, 2005

A Large Circumscription

In which a long-deferred goal meets Sissy's WoW#4
One of the aspects of the long-anticipated (yet still deferred) conversion of our garage into a woodworking space is the planning of the tools that I'll add to the workspace. There are already quite a few, but using them in a space that's currently jam-packed with... stuff is virtually impossible.  And, of course, there are some tools that are awaiting the space in which to use them effectively, like trammels. For slightly larger projects than I currently make (often using the dining room, or worse, living room[!] as a workspeace), a set of trammels will come in handy.  But a good-sized worktable and extensions would naturally come first.
But, before I get into cleaning out (and where am I going to find room for all that stuff!?!) and converting the garage, I need to finish the living room (finish plastering over and painting walls; build bookscase/entertainment center for entire south wall; etc.), re-build the master bedroom closet space, finish the new storage in the upstairs hall, finish the downstairs office...
Yeh, it might be a lil easier if I started with the garage, but then I'd lose what momentum I might have with the projects I'm now poking with a stick.
OTOH, why should trammels be such a much when I'm already trammeled by so much stuff?  I swear, it's true.  It's like running in quicksand. The more I get rid of, purge, toss, junk, the more seems to crawl out of some metaspacial storage area to afflict me, weighing me down, impeding my progress in just getting about my daily life!
STUFF!!! Just getting rid of enough stuff to have desktop space (and I have a 3'X6' desktop) is amazingly difficult.  Well, for me, it seems.
So it goes.