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Monday, July 25, 2005

How to spot an Islamic terrorist--update

A late submission for a recent Precision Guided Humor Assignment

Over at Sir Peter Maxwell.com, find this gem as a part of his "Sir Peter Maxwell's Terrorist Test":
I have done my bit to honour England and Saint George and it seems the Metropolitan Police are doing so too. On Friday they shot dead a brown chap on the underground. The police have now foolishly apologised for shooting the chap (who turned out to be a Brazilian peasant). What nonsense. He was wearing suspicious clothing; he looked brown and was running away from the police. He fits all of the criteria to be killed. What more do the terrorist loving left-wing scoundrels want? A bloody T-Shirt saying “I’m a Terrorist Please Kill Me”.
Don't give the Loony Left Moonbats and Mass Media Podpeople any ideas, buddy...