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Saturday, July 09, 2005

A little clarification

Support for the death penalty is an assertion of the value of life

Go ahead. Let that sink in.

Support for the death penalty is an assertion of the value of life.

That is a cornerstone in my response to Islamofascist terrorist acts and the savages who commit them. If the lives they have taken are worth anything, then the murderers must be prevented from using the air breathed by those who ought to go on living. (And, after all, if we take their protestations of religious belief seriously, we'd be doing them a favor... of course, their final judgement might not turn out as they have been taught.)

But for the death penalty to be applied in cases of murder and morally abhorrant brutality, it ought to itself be swift, brutal and very, very public... pour encourager les autres as it were.

And we ought always to keep in the forefront of our minds the value of life... and that removing murdering scum serves a twofold purpose beyond, indeed more important than, simply discouragement of similar murderous acts:

1.) cleansing society (indeed, the gene pool) of filth who think nothing of taking innocent life and
2.) thus affirming the value of the lives of those who have been murdered.

Anything less than death for those who carried out or even were in any way complicit (right down to the paymasters) in the London bombings is an assertion that those who were killed were not of any value whatever, that their killers are worthy of drawing breath, that we just don't really care one damn bit.

The root and branch of whatever value system in any way honors or excuses the behavior of Islamofascist savages must also be cut down, uprooted, burned and the ashes scattered to the winds.

Anything less simply says of those who were killed: "So what. Who flippin' cares? The victims of morally subhuman monsters deserve better. They deserve justice, applied swiftly and surely.

Note: edited the title to correct the typo. "clarifivation" just ain't a word...