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Sunday, July 31, 2005

*LOL* "McCain Wants Fred Thompson for Supreme Court"

This Newsmax headline outlines McCain's (justified) fear that Fred Thompson would make a better presidential candidate than he. (Of course Thompson would make a better president than that snake McCain)

Well, duh. BTW, Anyone who respects McCain after McCain-Feingold limitations on free political speech is a communist or a "useful idiot".

N.B. "useful idiot: This is a term coined by Vladimir Lenin to describe Western liberals who defended and apologized for communism. These are people whose blind, self-effacing hatred of their own free society serves as a handy device for totalitarian ideology as a means of deflecting the criticism which comes from the rest of us who are sane and unwilling to compromise morality for the sake of multiculturalism*, or political correctness*. They are useful to these calculating ideologues, even though they are idiots. These days, more and more, the useful idiots are quasi-dhimmis*, shilling for Islam." _1_ See also _2_