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Monday, August 29, 2005

Blogging about blogging—go ahead and skip this post. heh

Hmmm… some email I got spurred me to check my stats wayyyyy early.  Hmmm… Total traffic was down over the last 30 days, although linkage is up significantly, even given TTLB’s inexplicable dropping of nearly 100, adding back in of 60 or so, etc. Site Meter still reports the same number of “average” visits I had the day I installed its code on my template: no change whatever. Something’s broken there. Statcounter shows a HUGE swing in visits—some near near all-time high days (though nothing "near" the weekend after Hugh Hewitt flogged Blogfathers Day™—heh), some strangely quiet ones—averaging out a lil less.

Oh, well. Ya don’t like what I post, go away.