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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Follow the rabbit trail

Halo-failo-scan? In which I segue from a blogpost about blogging to a semi-cultural/political rant. IOW: just plain fun, folks.

Haloscan’s been having problems recently. Hmmm… really kinda liked the service. Was nice n convenient: easy way to add trackback functionality to trakbackless blogger account, easily-managed comments and RSS feed.

But you’ve probably seen all the recent complaints of folks’ trackbacks either failing… or being made as multi-trackbacks.  Now, I get three different “reports” on comments. At the Haloscan management site, one set of comments may show.  On my blog, some comments don’t show. And a different set of comments show in the RSS feed for comments.

I suspect, given the fact that I’ve run across a number of other blogs reporting problems, that someone at Haloscan decided to “upgrade” something and improved it until it broke… but just a little, and that things’ll be fixed soon.

But meanwhile… your comments may or may not show up properly or immediately. Feel free to rant and rave anyway.

But try to either make sense or be completely (and humorously) nonsensical when you do.  I don’t have a formal comment policy.  I don’t care one single solitary bit what “kind” of language you use.  But anything that presents itself as a serious comment but is riddled with fallacies (_1_, _2_, _3_) will be subject to mocking deconstruction (if I have time and feel like expending the effort), deleted as too assinine for public exposure or left as the commenter’s own self-parody—the deciding factor: my personal whim.

Many people exercise common sense when formulating their comments. I can appreciate that. Some exercise their sense of humor, and I can appreciate that, usually no matter how weird their sense of humor* may be. Others, and they are few indeed, actually learned in school or elsewhere how to make clear, reasoned arguments. Rare, and greatly appreciated.  People I stand to learn much from.

But some just have no business even having an opinion, because they are both too ill-informed and are idiots (usually, as I have said elsewhere, self-made idiots), unable to recognize the value (or even the existence) of arguments from facts or reason, taking their preconceptual biases as fact and building a “reality-based” fantasyland of idiotarian unreason on that shaky foundation.

Here’s a scary thought: Exposure to such could almost move one to accept Margaret Sanger’s arguments for eugenics. As Oliver Wendell Holmes once said, “Three generations of imbeciles is enough.” In light of the current trend among liberalists, Holmes’ comment begins to have a certain appeal…

But, no.  Better to remove much of the shielding preventing a Darwinist microevolution of the race… Get the “gummint” outa the cradle-to-grave protection racket. Starve the academicians.  Feed the (NON-POLITICAL) scientists. Make artists—all of ‘em—either live or die in the marketplace (no more NEA subsidies). Castrate lawyers making their living off liability suits. No, really: castrate. A lower testosterone level will help. Let folks take responsibility for their own stupidities. Remove the heads of politicians who come up with “great society” ideas that ruin families, destroy communities and enhance their own political power.  Yes, their heads.  They’ve not been using them for any good anyway.

It’s a big job, but these small steps toward re-introducing the idea of personal responsibility. And that would put paid to the Frank Roaches, Dan Blathers, Nancy Pelosis, Teddy Kennedys, Jean Fraud sKerrys and all their ilk.

That it would eliminate many on the quasi-faux-conservative side of the coin as well would be a nice lil side benefit.

*Do note: humor is not always funny. Some of the most humorous of pieces can be dark, broody, macabre.