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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Stop the ACLU

ACLU—All Criminal Lies Unleashed

Thursday's Stop the ACLU blogburst almost makes me sick. Contemplating the darling of the Mass Media Podpeople's Army and the Loony Left Moonbat Brigade, the ACLU, turns my stomach, because there is no truth, no beauty, no just and righteous cause that the ACLU will not twist into a lie.

Freedom of speech? No, no, says the ACLU: freedom of expression. The Founders and Framers had no idea what they were taking about when they intentionally excluded "expression" and intentionally included specific forms of expression (religious speech and activity, political speech and written political commentary). No, according to the ACLU—and the Warren Court, and those following via stare decisis—any old splash of paint (or urine or feces) or grunt or moan or scream is now protected "speech". Why? Cos they say so.

And to the ACLU a special form of protected speech is advocating the rape of children by homosexual men. Truth.

Freedom of religion? No, no, says the ACLU. Freedom from religion. No public display of religious beliefs are acceptable—oh, unless they be public displays of religious beliefs by m,urdering Islamofascist savages (_1_, _2_), Rastafarians, or Voodoo. Nope, if the ACLU has its way, the only religious beliefs that will be found in the public arena will be "anything but"—anything but dat ole black evil, Christianity.

Government protecting its citizens fromreligiously-excused women-raping (_1_, _2_, _3_) and mutilating, murdering savage slavers? Nope. Can't have a government that takes sensible steps to isolate members of a religious sect that advocate, plan and carry out acts of unspeakable violence in the name of their moon god. Better to eliminate the evil of school children singing Christmas carols in public.

Get this through your head: the ACLU as an organization hates you, will lie to you and is working toward YOUR destruction.

There, have I said it plainly enough?

Of course, the ACLU will lie about that, too.
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