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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Where's the Beef

Check my sidebar: has John F. Kerry really released his records, yet? I didn't think so...

Same story, umpteenth verse. Ya hoped it'd get better, but it only got worse.

Are we living in a Loony Tunes world or what? I feel like Pete Puma in "Rabbit's Kin". Ya know the schtick: "three or four lumps of sugar?"—"Nah, sugar gives me a headache." Jean Fraud sKerry's promised this and promised that and always fails to do as promised—usually by parsing plain English in so tortured a way as to "unpromise" what he's said he'll do.

I feel like Pete Puma. Jean Fraud sKerry's saccharine sourpus gives me a headache. "No! No! I don't wanna drink the KoolAid!!!"


Just give it up, John. Accept the fact that the legend that you are in your own mind is the legend of a loser. Just let those records go.

See Cao's Blog for more, including this statement by Cao:

"Some of us still expect our elected officials and representatives to behave like civilized people with a moral compass. In other words, I still expect people to look at me and tell me something that’s the truth and not a lie. Do we as a nation have that strong of a deficit of decency that we’re becoming a nation of liars and it’s acceptable to lie?"

A serious question indeed.

Consider joining these bloggers in the Free Kerry's 180 Blogburst. See Cao's Blog for joining in.

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