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Monday, September 12, 2005


As I suspected, the Falls Creek Baptist Assembly/Katrina "detention center" story was mis-reportage/overblown or agenda-driven. Yes, apparently there may have been some FEMA people there doing a little bureaucrapic (yes, I meant to spell it that way) muscle-flexing, but it's NOT a FEMA site. I received several emails filling me in on the status of the situation, and one pointed me to this from http://www.bgco.org (there's a link on the front page to the article, "Governor Asks Falls Creek to Remain on Standby for at Least 5 More Days" dated September 8).
"...Falls Creek remains on standby, at the request of the Governor, for at least another 5 days. (Until at least Tuesday, September 13)    The Oklahoma Highway Patrol, medical personnel, Oklahoma Disaster Relief teams and other government agencies remain onsite at Falls Creek until further notice from Governor's office...."
So, over-reaction by the narrator of the account to all the government presence? One or two pushy low-level government employees (very likely!)? A combo of the two? It just didn't sound like something that could be done there, and fortunately that seems to be the case.