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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Dissing Congresscritters

Beldarblog is written by a Houston area lawyer who mostly fizzled out for a while after the 2004 election, but has come back with some great stuff in recent months. This lil snippet, written in the wake of Rita, is priceless:

I'd a whole lot rather listen to the second assistant deputy chief fire marshall for Hedwig Village at a Hurricane Rita press conference than to any CongressCritter of either party.
The CongressCritters ought to have to wear placards around their necks — or maybe better yet, those sashes, like beauty pageant contestants wear — labeled with phrases like:
  • "Useless Panderer"

  • "Only Here for the Graft"

  • "Harbors Delusions of Relevance" or

  • "Do You KNOW Who I Am? (And why should care right now?)"

Sounds about right to me.  How about adding,

porkbusters Note: added the link to the Spam Song, cos, well, it's sooooo appropriate.