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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Saturday links

Mini-mini-linkfest, today.

For Katrina links, go see Michelle Malkin’s blog and just keep scrolling down.

Where to donate? As I’ve said before, The Southern Baptist NAMB disaster relief folks have their stuff together.  Scrappleface satirist Scott Ott agrees (NOT a satire! Read it, folks! “Katrina Relief with Efficiency, Love and Hope by Scott Ott THIS IS NOT SATIRE... “)

For the definitive answer to the ego-centric personality disorder that goes by the name “Cindy Sheehan” read T.R. Fahrenbach: When a soldier dies in battle, there is no tragedy. Powerful.

NIF continues a Labor Day Weekend linkfest that beats the snot off Instapundit. ;-) Between NIF and Michelle Malkin, you’re mostly covered. Heh. Indeed.


Over at BeatCanvas, Brett speaks well to folks who shirked their own duty toward their citizens during Katrina and now are pointing the finger elsewhere.

A new-to-me blog that’s worth watching, IMO: Choose Life.

And for those still confused by media lies about Intelligent Design, drop into Wittingshire for a read and links for a week or so an you’ll get some perspective that folks who do NOT believe in open inquiry don’t want you to have… (Naturally, folks who do NOT believe in open inquiry and debate are largely the same folks who—falsely—claim to be liberals or “progressives”.  heh)

Independent Sources is another new-to-me blog.  Good stuff, Maynard.

Rich and Mel are doing most of the work over at Balanced News Blog scouring the web for interesting news and commentary and makinga great job of it.

For more, just surf my blogroll a while, ‘K?

Oh, and visit Whistling In the Light, would ya?