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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Instapundo Delenda Est!

(Yeh, I have NO idea if the Latin's correct. Latin scholars the world over shudder when I attempt a phrase... :-) Delinking Instapundit?  Heresy! *heh*

For anyone who surfs a little off my blogroll (and from some of the blogrolls on email correspondents’ blogs, there are a few, maybe more than I know of), you may notice I’ve delinked Glenn Reynolds’ Instapundit blog. Yeh, well, I don’t delink often—it’s one reason my blogroll’s getting to be nearly impossible for me to surf through in a day—but when I do it’s for one of a very few reasons. A blogger may just seem to have less and less relevance; quality may take a nose dive and stay down; stops blogging, so nothing new to read; stops making sense.

Glenn’s recently touched on a few of these. His linkfest approach is less useful now that NIF and others are doing it in a more entertaining way with sometimes more relevant material. Betsy Newmark, for one, does a better job of extracting interesting nuggets and appending often pithy commentary. Michelle Malkin does a much better job of pointing to critical issues of the day, with much better commentary.

So, I’d been visiting Instapundit less and less often until last month, I notice, I only dropped in once.

And then… I clicked the link found here and read Glenn’s mini-rant in support of the ACLU. *sigh* Yeh, yeh, Glenn, the ACLU has done some good things.  But so?  Even a mass murderer like Hitler can love a dog. Oh! Dear! Did I just draw a comparison between Hitler and the ACLU? Well, there are some few points of congruency between Hitler’s tactics and views and those of the ACLU. For one, their hostility to any practice of Christianity. Both had/have no problem with Christians who don’t act like Christians.  But when the church actually adheres to biblical principles, the ACLU is as virulently opposed to Christianity as Hitler was when Christians acted like they took biblical precepts seriously. Democracy? Hitler despised majority rule (his party never gained more than 40% in an open election) as much as the ACLU, which does all its “legislating” via the courts,  does.

Yeh, there are differences. Hitler had more “success”  promoting his anti-Jewish program.   The ACLU has had to simply work to promote Islamic terrorism (which as a major anti-Jewish element is as good as they can get away with for now, I suppose). The few other differences of substance, I’ll leave aside for now. I’ll also leave the other similarities to the reader to work out.

But Hitler did some good work didn’t he? Yep.  Promoted youth programs. (Come, learn how to bust heads and inform on your Jewish neighbors!) Helped the German economy. (Get those gold fillings! The Fatherland needs them.) etc.

Is this a little over the top?  Well, take it as a meta-commentary on Glenn Reynolds’ mini-rant deriding those who find the ACLU’s success in promoting its communist agenda offensive (there’s an ideological difference to Hitler’s style of fascism for you :-).

Glenn, ya shoulda taken a lesson from Spiderman: “With great power comes great responsibility.”  Heh. Indeed.  (I dunno: was it Spiderman or “Kung Fu Hustle”? ;-)

Buh-bye, Glenn.  We never knew you. *Yawn*

Oh, while you’re at it today, why not glean what nuggets you may find in the Stop the ACLU Blogburts blogroll?

This repro (with additional comment) of Jay’s Stop the ACLU post at TMH’s Bacon Bits

Here’s one to check out from Ogre about the ACLU bitchin’ and moanin’ about the Feebs actually doing their jobs.

ACLU+Druids vs Christian cops?  Yep. More at NIF.

And here’s a partial list of Glenn delinkers:

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More later, I suppose…