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Monday, August 29, 2005

Acres of Diamonds

(Some folks will actually “get” the title of this post… )

OK, here’s one of the joys of the internet.  Like browsing in a really good library or bookstore, one can often find unexpected treasures.

And that’s what happened when I was looking for something else today and ran across Bert Prelutsky.  I dropped one sample off in a driveby posting earlier.  Here’s another:

Only the hopelessly naïve, the same fools who believed Hitler was going to be satisfied with merely gobbling up the Sudetenland, actually believe that the Islamic fascists would all become saints and shepherds if only the U.S. got out of Iraq or out of the Middle East altogether.
If that were all it took, life would be a bowl of cherries. Heck, I’d even be happy to move all the Jews out of Israel and into one of our northern states. If they could turn the desert into a garden, think what they could do with North Dakota. At the very least, Bismarck would have first-rate hospitals, a terrific university, a hell of a state National Guard, more entrepreneurs than the Silicon Valley, and a world class symphony orchestra.

In the meantime, under Palestinian stewardship, the land formerly known as Israel would revert to sand and rubble. And the Muslims could get back to doing what they do best; namely, slaughtering one another…

That’s from “A Modest Proposal” (h/t/ to Swift, I’m sure—heh). Go. Read.