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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

help fulfill a chicken's destiny: eat more eggs

A Simple Frittata

As anyone who’s visited one-a my recipe posts via the Carnival of Recipes knows by now, I like simple (as in easy-to-make), tasty, nutritious foods. Here’s a great staple.

  • Four eggs

  • Four green onions, chopped well (yeh, the tops, whaddaya gonna do throw, all that flavor and nutrition out the door?) No green onions? Leeks or shallots are nice. A little punch? Mince (or use a press) a glove of garlic, as well.

  • Bread crumbs, leftover fried potatoes, cooked rice: pick one. About a cup or so of potatoes, ¼ that amount if using bread crumbs or rice.  (More potatoes, please!!!)

  • Virgin olive oil (maybe as much as ¼ cup)

  • 1 cup Parmigiano, Mozarella or your fav cheese.

  • Kosher salt, freshly ground pepper

  • Balsamic vinegar or pepper/tomato sauce (just use your fav tomato-based pasta sauce and add some steamed-in-the-microwave chopped peppers to taste)

Whisk the eggs. Add the scallions or alternates, bread crumbs or rice, and cheese. If using leftover fried potatoes, add them to the pan first and pour the egg mixture over them.

Heat your cast iron skillet to medium-high heat Pour in the olive oil and wipe the pan’s surface and sides with a multi-folded paper towel. BE CAREFUL!!! DO NOT LET THE PAPER TOWELL  BECOME OIL-SOAKED ENOUGH TO ALLOW YOU TO BURN YOURSELF!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!! (Add potatoes now, if you’re using them) Pour in the egg mixture. Cook over medium-high heat until the frittata is set. Remove the pan from the burner and let the frittata set for a bit.. Cut it into 2-4 ,pieces, depending on how piggish you’re feeling, and drizzle the pieces with balsamic vinegar or your tomato-pepper sauce (Oh, ya might wanna heat the sauce in a separate pan if you’re going that way.). Salt and pepper and eat those puppies!

Other additions/variations:

Have leftover veggies? Add ‘em.
Any kind of sausage, bacon, etc.?  Just make sure it’s appropriately cooked first.
Fav herbs? Try ‘em out!

The variations on this basic frittata are virtually endless.