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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Descent Into Kerryland

No More sKerry BS_button
Given Jean Fraud sKerry’s penchant for loose talk (and insistence on NOT being accountable for what he says and does—where are your records, John boy?) I thought it’d be appropriate that I pick up a few "talking points" from The Progressive People's Truth Generator, the site devoted to framing everything in "progressive" language.

Jean Fraud sKerry, you are a baby-killing troglodyte and an ethnocentric racist pig because you are not enraged by phrases like "International Monetary Fund!" You are a hateful hillbilly because you think O.J. was guilty! You are an arrogant sexist because you don’t openly pine for the reconstruction of the Berlin Wall! You are a chain dog of the bourgeoisie because you do not militate for government elimination of McDonalds fast food and daily required consumption of granola and tofu!  You are a baby-killing child murderer and a chauvinistic red-meat eater because you voted to invade Iraq! You are a polluting elitist because you think that you're entitled to own private property! You are a homophobic opportunist because you think the Rolling Stones are better than the Beatles! You are a selfish chain dog of the bourgeoisie because you're just stupid, stupid, stupid!

There. I feel better, now. Don’t you? Playing by Jean Fraud's own rules (it's just words, so who cares what I say?) allows one to say anything at all with no accountability.

Of course, if Jean Fraud ever developed a sense of decency, characterized by accountability and a responsible agreement between his words and deeds, I’d have to retract some of the above. But as it is, “liberalist-speak” applied to Jean Fraud seems… fitting.

Where are your records, John Kerry?
h.t. to Idunno who for the tip to the "progressive-speak" site. Hey! If you read this and think you're the one who pointed me to the thing, give me a whack upside the head, eh?
From Cao's Blog, this lil notice:

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