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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Finally got "A Round Toit"--and a "thank you" or two...

You may notice that I’m trying out yet another hack to enhance blogger: extended entries. Yeh, I’ve had folks comment on the length of some of my posts (very kindly in private email) and how shorter posts would enhance readership growth. And yeh, I have thought for months that I’d “get around to it”… but. I’m kinda pleased with the readers I have, you know, the kind who are willing to wade through my long, rambling sentences in long, rambling posts… Readers with short attention spans.  Who needs em? Heh OTOH… Read more... There is something to be said for giving folks an easy option: read on or scroll on down the page to a (more interesting to them?) post. This blog is pretty much “organized” like my mind works—chaotically bouncing from one topic of (momentary, sporadic, periodic, passing) interest to another (ditto parenthesis).
In the past few months, a couple of gracious readers (you know who you are) have generously offered to rescue me from bloggers “posters purgatory” (also known as hackers heaven :-) with gift accounts with Typepad or Wordpress blogs. Thoughtful, generous, really cool folks. But. If you’ve been around a while, you have probably noticed that though I have griped about Blogger limitations, quirks and weird behaviors, I also enjoy the challenge of putting decent (some more decent than others—heh), readable content in a hopefully more and more user-friendly manner while using such a limited resource.
I guess being raised with this outlook has something to do with it: wwiip211 Of course, the way granddaddy taught me the adage (by word and deed) was, “Use it up; wear it out, make do; do without.” I’ve still not “used up” all the blogger resources I have available, so I’m way down on the road from seeing the end of that lil adage. Still, I am very grateful for the blessing of generous friends who have offered to rescue me from “posters purgatory” and I remain constantly conscious of their graciousness.  Thanks, folks. Oh, and thanks also to Ogre for the blogger tip I used for this lil hack.  That’s me: playing script kiddie via Ogre’s generosity.