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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Break time

By that, I mean, time for me to break something... Arrrgggghhhh! Once again, something in Blogger is corrupting my posts. (It's the devil, I just know it must be. heh) I've checked on three computers, each with three different browsers and it's the same: suddenly, all my posts (except "Snarking... " below) are all italicized. I've checked the html on several of them, and it's not i n the posts. I guess I need to check and see how badly corrupted my template is... hpefully just a coupla pieces of code... slog through the template ma while, yeh, that's the ticket. Now, which part of my trifocals do I wanna try this time... squint and pray, squint and pray... and throw things, too, of course. *sigh* Oh, great. Decided, "Well Blogger folks are biased toward Firefox for some unfathomable reason, so I'll try checking stuff using it as my interface. Hmmm, while I'm here, let's check out that "compose" tab. haven't looked at that way of submitting posts in a coon's age. What?!?!? The $%*&%#@ thing's inoperable even using Firefox?!?!?" Yeh. I know. Grow up and get a real set of blogging tools. Well, time's come to beat Blogger into submission again... Arrrgggghhhh! Just bear with me a while. Line by line through template and posts' code to find the culprit. Go ahead and read some of the other posts below. Culture comments, "imported" snark, fun with telemarketers, politics and food--it's all there, somewhere. Have fun. Heck, poke fun at my slow sifting through whatever problem it is that magically appeared bwtween one post and the next with the Blogger stuff. I can handle your snarky comments. :-) Yeh, yeh, and for those of y'all who've offered me accounts with "real" blogging software, just keep in mind: I love banging my head on a brick wall cos it feels soooo good when I stop. OK, another hint: the italicizing is ONLY on my front page... When I open the posts individually, all is as it should be (apart from typos and the occasional obscurantist sentence structure and misspelled word :-). Strange, that. Well, enough of that. Big day Saturday moving Lovely Daughter into her new digs, puttering around the house afterwards, hopefully getting those weekend posts I've been mulling over done, waiting for lightning to strike so I can have the arcane voodoo Blogger's concealing from me revealed... etc.