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Thursday, November 03, 2005

No, I REFUSE to pr0n-pun this post title

Originally uploaded by mnmus.
Yeh, yeh: ever since I saw this posted at Parrot Check with the title "Paris Hilton Screwing By the Pool" I've been highly conflicted. Puke? Laugh myself silly (surely a redundancy) and then puke? Succomb to the temptation to mimic his post title in my own?

I never have understood the Paris Hilton thing. Someone is famous for being a rich slut? What's going on there? She's just Madonna without the recording contracts (of course, she may well sing better than Madonna, but that's damning with faint and merely potential praise. A gutted tomcat sings better than Madonna).

Well, here is it, anyway. The stupidest pun-on-a-pic I've seen on a blog yet. Congrats, Parrot Check. That's (seriously) quite an accomplishment. No one and nothing was damaged by the thing, save for whatever eyes actually look at the pic.