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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

What have you gott to lose, John?

What has John Kerry got to lose, well, except for the unremitting animosity of any honest person, by actually-finally-releasing his full records as he has repeatedly said he would?

Seriously. There are only two scenarios should he finally keep his word.

His account of his military service is revealed to be substantially as he has claimed, with only a few niggling inconsistencies that are consonant with the color that years give to memory. Critics on the "Right" would be quashed and his "base" would be assured. A clear win for Kerry.

Or, there could be substantial problems in his military record that would reveal him to be a liar, a cheat and a traitor. Critics on the "Right" would be incensed. His base, however, would be elated and energized, for these are all things that resonate strongly with them. Still a win for Kerry.

So, why will Jean Fraud sKerry NOT really release his records?

Well, since I'm not a licensed therapist, it's perfectly ethical for me to speculate. :-) I think it must be a variation of egocentric personality disorder that makes it almost impossible for Kerry to admit error. He simply cannot afford to tarnish his own image of himself. If he were to admit his lies, deceptions-let alone his slanders and blatant (to the eyes of others) traitorous acts, he'd probably simply self-destruct. And yet deep down he knows his projected self image is completely at odds with his true self. Still, as long as he can paper over the already paper-thin façade of respectability he maintains, his political future is assured. After all, it's all about appearance and nothing about substance in today's political arena.

So, in the end, in order to "keep up appearances" Jean Fraud sKerry must make sure his soul stays lost...

(I'm really trying to work up a little pity for the guy. Really.)

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