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Friday, November 25, 2005

Why Everyone Who Blogs "Important Issues" May Have to Quit Blogging

Nah, it's not because the FEC or some other government weenie bureaucraps might dump on ya. It's not even because NZ Bear might decide every link to Instapundit is worth 10 links to anyone else (heh--just kidding Bear). No, It's because this guy is covering every single topic he touches better than anyone else. Yep. Anyone. In fact, linking to him in such a way as to open the link in a new window is probably an exercise in futility. You'll click the link, read posts like this one and never come back. Oh. Wah. Not that I'd feel the pain, cos if you did click on over there and get lost in the wealth of good blog and never come back here for my mediocre stuff, I'd feel that I'd served you well and be pleased. Seriously: that's one fine blog. I'd love for you to come back, but if I lose your readership to someone like this, I'll feel that the service I've done you was well worth it.