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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Ya want weird?

Well, I've got some weird for ya...

Here it is November 8, and the outside temps at about 7:00a.m. in America's Third World County™ have reached a muggy 66ºF. And did I say, "muggy"? Oh, yeh, I did...  Projected high for this area today? 88ºF! On November 8!

Algore will blow a gasket when he finds out.

But never fear, there's a good chance that stormy weather indeed is in the works for somewhere in the next coupla years... maybe even leading to a mini- (or maybe even maxi!) ice age. No, really. Go figure. The Gulf Stream shuts down and (worst case scenario) the cascading effect plunges the world into an ice age? Well, if the Gulf Stream does shut down (as some are saying it already is doing), then the very least that'd happen would be much colder weather on the Atlantic coast, Northern Europe and strong effects on the Jet Stream...

Stock up on firewood, mend those woolies, break out Grandma's comforters. We could be in for a very cold century.

(But, be it noted: the jury's still out on Gulf Stream shutdown. The current data indicates something very strange is going on, but it's not yet conclusive. So, don't go around pulling a Chicken Little routine, 'K?)