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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Don't ya just hate it...

...when you dream a perfectly good blogpost and it all just dispapears when you wake up?

I used to do that with chess.

Then it was songs.

Now it's posts.

Is there a Bloggers Anonymous?

I don't wanna know. Besides, I can stop any time I want to. Really.

Top of the day:


Teach your children well: Another vote in the "quagmire". Contra to rumors, it will be "one person, one vote", i.e., the International Election Commission of Iraq is not consulting N.Z. Bear on how to 'weight" each vote.

Something for the demoncratic conspiracy cultists at Riehl World View. I can hardly wait *yawn* until the nuts at Mooo-veon.orgy and the Demoncrappic Underpants get wind of this one. Oh, and Dan also defines a class of individual who will... "be pu$$/-whipped for the rest of your life" in "Fairy Tales ... Can Come True". Read it... before it happens to you.

Where have you gone Ronald Reagan? reveals the true relationship between the Demoncrappic Party leadership and the Mass Media Podpeople's Army. heh

Don't worry, Those Bastards!, I typo this word alla time: Opps! Bill O'Reilly falsely claims that USPS has stopped selling Christmas-related postage

Don Surber tell is how to go Vote Fraud Hunting With A Hound Dog

Don Surber also posts the script for his audioblog of: Finally, Bush Tell The Whole Truth On Iraq

Committees of Correspondence touches on one of my big concerns: The Lusty Chinese Economy

The Business of America is Business has a piece detailing the fall of Boeing that (at least in my mind) is related to the C of C piece above Getting Stoneciphered

Peakah's Provocations was on top of The Eve of Iraqi Elections with some good background.

According to freedom folks, Chicago may not be "Daleyworld" any more: Gutierrez Eyeing Chicago Mayorship?

More from freedom folks: British Gas Fires: Al-Qaeda Connection?

Another pre-Iraqi-vote commentary from The Uncooperative Blogger: Show Solidarity With Brave Iraqis.

The Florida Masochist expands on an old joke: At this rate

And also from The Florida Masochist Why don't they check? [Not only do "they" not check, but when I ask "Can I use this checkbook I found in the parking lot?" they don't check then, either... ;-) ]

Bloggin' Outloud: Real Content: Forbes Repents [And about time, I might add!]

As seen in the dreams of TMH's Bacon Bits' Bacon Break - Iraqi Democracy!, Basil's for Breakfast (bacon, breakfast... is there a pattern here? "I'm dreaming of a bacon breakfast..."), and at Jo's Cafe where mouth-watering Thursday Specials await.