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Monday, December 12, 2005

A lil Christmas goofing off

Just for a lil fun, folks... You know the song, right?

Well, here's a lil wordsearch puzzle for ya (and no, I have no idea where I picked it up; it's just one of the pieces of fluff I regularly find on my hard drive). Find the names of Santa's reindeer. There's a bonus in there if you can find it. You can probably "sing" through the "Rudolph" song and come up with nine. But there are ten reindeer names in there. ;-) And the tenth one's in the song, too. (Answer here).


Oh, if you need some help mwith the words to the song, here they are:

Rudolphus rubrinasus
Johnny Marks/Arr. Philip Brunelle
Rudolphus rubrinasus fulgentissimo naso,
vidisti et si eum dicas quoque candere.
Omnes tarandi ceteri ridebant vocantes nomina;
non sinebant Rudolphum interessa ludentes.
olim crassa nocte Christi, Nicolaus it dictum:
"Rudolphe, naso tam claro, agesne traham meam?"
Qui tum tarandis amor conclamantibus eum,
"Rudolphe, rubrinase descendes historia!"

And the tune:

BTW, my fav rendition of Rudolph the Red-Nosed reindeer is the Canadian Brass performance on A Canadian Brass Christmas (newly re-issued). All the cuts are good. In fact, I'm going to crack out the old Christmas CDs today, sometime, and get 'em started.
OK, a coupla updates. Kender left this lil deposit in comments (tagged onto one of my plugs of a Cathouse Chat Advent post), and I figured it belonged with this post. heh Great stuff, Kender. Hugh sent me this update in email. ;-)