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Friday, December 09, 2005

Around and About Roundup

Well, besides rat brains piloting jet simulators, seven league boots and kimchi to kill asian bird flu, there have also been some interesting things going on in the world.

Hugh (you've met him in comments, I'm sure :-) sent me some info that is absolutely indispinsible to folks who sit around blogging all day long: NEW! Anti-Monkey Butt Powder! Better get some while your butt's still de-monkeyed.

What? Me worry? Nah. (But my kids might consider being a bit concerned.) It's called Apophis. It's 390m wide. And it could hit Earth in 31 years time. Lucifer's Hammer?

Then there are the folks out there blogging up a storm.

The Uncooperative Blogger comments on Remarks of Senator Joe Lieberman (D-CT) Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessment Forum on Next The title of this program is "How to Win in Iraq." That was the title of Andy's seminal article in the journal Foreign Affairs earlier this fall, and it seems to me that is ought to be the focus of Congressional discussions about the war from now until...

[Who'da thunk it? Of course, the mass Media Podpeople's Army is besotted with "Cut and Run Murtha" so Joe's comments get little air time.]

NIF has another massive roundup: Christmas -16 days, and counting Today's dose of NIF - News, Interesting & Funny ... Sick Friday (+ Open Trackbacks)

[DO trot on over. The collection of graphics alone is worth the trip. And drop some "feel good" pills in NIF's comments, eh?]

TMH's Bacon Bits plays no favorites: The Israeli Euthanasia Program Dr. Death Kevorkian must feel greatly justified having one of the world’s great religions sanctify his evil.

The Florida Masochist must have read my "I'm not your typical football fan" comments: Unhappiness in Tampa If a team has played in say the Holiday Bowl three of the last four years, how many fans really come every year? After all how many times can you see San Diego?(or anywhere else. No offense meant San Diego)

["No offense" means San Diego? ;-) ]

The Florida Masochist channels Jerry Pournelle's thoughts today (well, close): The Sky is falling or The sky isn't falling? To me science is looking more and more like guess work and less about science. This isn't the only recent case of conflicting stories. Click here for a climate debate. My friend Kobayashi Maru is correct, what they really mean is we are 100% certain ...

[See also comments by a correspondent at Jerry Pournelle's Chaos Manorfor an expansion of the kind of thinking in the post linked above-and Dr. Pournelle's response.]

Also from The Florida Masochist, more football talk: Get lost Should be the response of Miami-Dade county residents to the latest attempts by county commissioner to come to an agreement with the MLB Florida Marlins over building a stadium. Team owner Jeffrey Loria has shown himself to be a spoiled brat...

[OK, I am lost...]

Some of Diane's Stuff: Peace On Earth, Good Will Toward Men We finally got some winter weather. Mother Nature must read Diane's Stuff and made note of my complaints about 80 degree and higher temps in December. This morning it was a few degrees below freezing if you factor in the wind chill and I had to ...

[I think Diane means "Good Chill Toward Men" heh]

And then Diane brings us Dear Folly's Friday advice column: Advice on Advice I was reading a post at The Crazy Rants of Samantha Burns and she says that she doesn't think anyone should give advice to anyone, mainly because it's seldom used. As you're the reigning advice maven I thought I'd ask you what you th...

And Diane finishes off with the "steal" of a a good one from Random Rambling: Make Mine Ala Barf! Is there anyone that went to a public school that doesn't remember all the joking that was done about the food in the cafateria? If so! Here is a list stolen shamelessly from Random Rambling that may help to remind you! It not only reminds us ..

The Real Ugly American could be a little uglier. The Left Tries To Tell Us Again No Ties Between Iraq and Al Qaeda! The left leaning blogs and moonbats are again clamoring with glee offering this as proof that "there were no links between Iraq and Al Qaeda". Of course Daily Kos leads the way. What I do not understand is what these people can't seem to understand.

Customerservant.com gives us a day in the life of Dilbert lovers everywhere: Another Day At The Races I woke up this morning with a raging headache.
Not good. I haven't even gotten to work yet, and as of yesterday afternoon, still no solution. I talked to Cary last night, and he says he's taking calls, but he's asking the callers t...

[S'all for now. The rack monster calls... need to totter off to joust with it.]