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Monday, December 19, 2005

The Marvelous Land of Serendip

While checking for updates on the NT password recovery situation noted here, I ran across a reference to an interesting page (noted in the same post :-) that I went back to read in full later, as time permitted.

There, I found this gem, probably well-known in some circles but new to me:

The Acts of Gord (Yes, that "r" is definitely supposed to be there.)

Priceless. Some of the best work I've seen. One small example, an excerpt from The Book of Annoyances:

Annoyances: Chapter 2
Wherein The Gord refuses to sell controllers he doesn't have.

"Do you have any used dual shock controllers?"

No I don't.

"Yes you do!"

I do?

"Right there!"

Those are the controllers for the demo machine.

"And right there!"

Those belong to the rental units.

"Just sell me one of those."

And what would I use for rental machines?

"You could open new ones for those. "

Uhm, no.

"Why don't you have any used controllers?"

Because they usually only come in with a used machine. As such, I sell them with the machines.

"So sell me one of those."

And sell the machine with no controllers? That'll go over well.

"You don't want my business!"

How about I sell you something I have in stock like a new controller?

"I'll take my business elsewhere."

Would you mind? I would appreciate that.

There are twenty-four other such examples, just in The Book of Annoyances. Then there are the other nine Books...

Oh. My.