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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Climate change/climate schmange

This guy almost had me. First paragraph I saw on his blog:
If you have i.e you will have noticed the formatting problems, i`ve been trying to sort this but no success so far (if you can figure out the problem all advice welcome Calvin dot Jones at gmail dot com). Alternatively to get away from this problem, get yourself a decent browser like Firefox or Opera!
OK, so he has a healthy view of Internet Exploder (and an interesting disregard for capitalization :-). *heh* But then I read his other posts and saw he was hawking the same old envirocultist dogma about impending doom from a new ice age ('70s enviro-cultist)/global warming (90s enviro-cultist) in the new cant of "climate change." How hard is it for these folks to actually look at just the historical record and see that, even through the course of recorded history, the rule for climate has been change—in more extreme amounts than we currently know. Seems this guy, among others, wants to play the part of King Canute instead of actually seeking to understand the underlying causes of climate change (the only constant about climate). "Nope. Having none of that, thank you," says the enviro-cultist. "Just give me my pet theories, 'backed up' by computer models that cannot 'post-dict' previous known data. Using these fake data, we can beat up developed countries in our real goal: the total annihilation of Western Civilization." Or so it seems to this observer who simply looks for the unstated consequences of enviro-cultists' desired outcomes. Does man contribute to climate change (remember: as recently as last year the buzzword phrase was "global warming" from these enviro-cultist bet-hedgers)? Maybe, even probably. To what degree and in what ways? No one knows. Seriously. Enviro-cultist arguments are all smoke, mirrors and computer models that cannot take 1900 data and "predict" 1950 climate. Until we know how and how much mankind affects climate, taking actions prescribed by enviro-cultists is stupid. Originally posted at the "other" third world county, since Blogger seemed to be down (for me, at least) for its "30-minute" maintenance event for over 13+ hours... And yeh, I'm still griping about it. *heh*)