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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Head 'em up; move 'em out!

Here's a roundup for ya:

It Is About Time We Were Politically Incorrect Part II from All Things Beautiful. Preach it Alexandra. (And don't miss It Is About Time We Were Politically Incorrect Part I.) Regarding the intolerance of the left for religion (as long as that religion espouses Judeo-Christian principles) in America,

And, as I recall, the Founders wrote a great deal about the fact that if America ever ceased to be a religious society, freedom, and the republican ideal, would fail, because the citizenry would lack the moral virtue to keep it all going.

Yeh, I touched on that comment by John Adams in my guest post over at Bloggin' Outloud, Teach Your Children Well. Jerry Pournelle referred to the truth of that sentimentrecently as well:

I know of absolutely no argument for assuming human equality other than religious postulates, as Jefferson did in the Declaration. War on religion is a war on the underlying assumptions of American political life. Why the same group that insists on equality of outcomes in all matters also insists on undermining the religous basis of American politics is an interesting question. Hypocrisy or double dyed villainy?

Dafydd ab Hugh notes the temblor in Canadian politics: Canadian Vote a 7.2 On the Political Richter Scale. He closes his post with this piece of black humor:

Let's keep our fingers crossed that the Liberals don't simply dig in their heels and try to prevent any legislation at all from occurring, as the Democrats are doing here. It would be decent to give Harper at least one chance to make good.

Riiiiight... like that's going to happen in my lifetime: the faux liberals of the 21st century actually acting decently? Not. Going. To. Happen.

Data-Mining, the FISA Court, and Wartime from TMH's Bacon Bits:

[Michael] Chertoff, formerly a federal judge and head of the Justice Department's criminal division, explains in fairly clear terms the National Security Agency's "warrantless eavesdropping" and the FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) court's place in all of this...

Read it. And while you're there, load the main page and read Williewonkaville: Rebuild or Reload? and other great posts by the Bacon Bits crew.

If you missed my pointer to the Carnival of the Recipes #75, head on over to Christine's Morning Coffee and Afternoon Tea so you can add a few things to your grocery list.

"That seismic disturbance is George Westinghouse spinning..." in his grave. (h.t. "Jim" - email posted at Chaos Manor Musings. You can find my own brief comments about Jesse Jackson Jr.'s-call him JCube-proposed "Education Amendment" to the Constitution at the same link... as well as some interesting Dr. Who brews news. :-)

University students offered B-minus to stay away. Diploma-mill-style, a Canadian lecturer offered a B minus grade to students who would bring him a tuition reciept and then not come to class. While I can think of a couple of classes in my undergrad years where that would have enhanced my educational experience (classes where the droning of a stupid, stupid prof were guaranteed to lower students' IQs by a couple of points *sigh*), being open about the fact that colleges and universities are becoming little more than certification stops for illiterate high school grads (and full employment for academia nuts) may not be the best way to insure the downgrading of education continues.

At least it was in Canada. This time.

Hit up Keep the Coffee Coming for some Bob Dylan, The Tokens ("...Lion Sleeps..." yeh, the memories) and Billie Holiday. Let kat know you dropped by. drop her a note in comments and just say "Hi" wouldya?

iHillary has a great photoshop spoof to accompany his repost/commentary of a WSJ article in his post, Plantation Madness. A must-see to go along with the WSJ article... (BTW, you're one mean blogger, dude. Love it.) While you're there, steal his Alito graphic featuring democrappic attackers with an image of Joe McCarthy in the background...

Winds of Change notes the effect of killing terrorist leaders. (Hint: it's a good thing.)

Dan Riehl's mini-fisk of Cindy Sheehan's "matriotism" is just exactly as much attention as the twit should get. Thanks, Dan. Especially for sparing us by quoting only as much of the twit as necessary to have done with her.

Woody's own comment on his "Bin Laden's Real Message" post in reply to a moonbat's spouting of lying memes about the war on Islamic jihadists really deserves to be brought onto his front page. it closes with,

The fact that Bin Laden talked about a truce is evidence enough of the weakened state of Al Quaeda. How did that happen? UN Envoys? NO... US Cowboys.

Correctamundo, Woody. Read the rest of his comment at the link.

And, from the People's Cube:

Bin laden's New tape Narrated from the Astral


Douglas Kern, writing at Tech Central Station, succinctly sums up the feelings I have been unable (or unwilling to let loose and... ) articulate about a recent ruling by a Vermont judge in the case of the serial rape of a child... If you have strong stomach, read, "What the Monster Learned."

Kidnap "victims" for hire.

And still reading The Founders Constitution. (Navigating the book[s] online is not all that straightforward, but worth your time, IMO.)

Well, I didn't get 95 theses, and I'm nowhere near Wittenberg, so I'll just tack this to the door over at Adam's Blog and Historymike's Musings