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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Four &^%*#$ Things... :-)

Well, some time ago Mel tagged me with the pseudo-meme-ish tag game "Four Things". I promised her I'd get A Round Toit Real Soon Now. I didn't put as much into it as Diane did (fine job, D!) Four things about four eleven (or however many; I lost track after "many") things: Four Jobs You’ve Had In Your Life Two different categories shown here, of many: the weird and the "to be avoided at all costs". 1. First wage-slave job: pocket presser (on an assembly line for jeans). $1.15/hour. (Weird) 2. Taught chess at a "Y". Not bad $$ for a college kid in t 19*cough-cough*s. Paid per kid, so was better per hour rate than I'd have gotten elsewhere at the time. (Weird) 3. Sold insurance. hated every damned day of going to work. Hated. It. (TBAAAC) 4. Taught *shudder* public school. Band. (TBAAAC) Four Movies You Could Watch Over And Over 1. Bean 2. LOTR 3. _____ 4. _____ (Not a big fan of movies. Where's the book?) Four Places You’ve Lived (these are not in chronological order) 1. El Paso, Tx 2. Phoenix AZ 3. KCMO 4. Ardmore, OK Four TV Shows You Love Can Stand To Watch 1. Smallville—can't wait to see how the writers are going to screw up the "Superman mythos" each week. And John Glover is perfect as Mephistopheles Lionel Luthor. 2. House—that acerbic bastard just makes me smile. 3. Sherlock Holmes—the Jeremy Brent version. I don't care if Brent is dead and the show is only shown every now and then in reruns. The BEST Sherlock Holmes depiction, ever, outside the books themselves. OK, this one I do "love." 4. Dr. Who, the Tom Baker era. Corny, camp, just plain fun old sci-fi. Of course the Doctor is coming to the Sci Fi Channel in March, but it's the "newest" Dr. Who, I think, so it may have less cheesy production values (part of the Tom Baker-and-earlier era charm), but I may watch it anyway. Four Places You’ve Been On Vacation 1. Disneyland/SoCal, yadayada. 2. Camping "tour" of kivas/cliff dwellings in CO/NM 3. Bahamas 4. Sulphur, OK "camping" (if you can call it that). Four Blogs You Visit Daily (or try to--heh) 1. Diane's Stuff/The English Guy 2. Cathouse Chat 3. Chaos Manor 4. Big Lizards/All Things Beautiful (Yeh, I cheated a bit. There are MANY more I try to visit every day... the ones above are very rarely NOT visited daily.) Four Of Your Favourite Foods 1. Coffee. It is TOO food! 2. Enchiladas, MY way. 3. Ice Cream 4. "Wasabi" peas Four Places You’d Rather Be 1. Wherever my Wonder Woman is. 2. In the deer woods (lined up on a buck... ) 3. Nowhere else 4. Nowhere else Four Albums You Can’t Live Without 1. Nothing really to give ya here. Too much music listened to/played/sung. S'all in my head, anyway. 2. Ahhh, throw in several Beethoven, Mozart, Sibelius, Handel, albums, etc. 3. Various cuts from several PPM albums, maybe. 4. What? I have to choose between Wynton Marsallis, Benny Goodman, Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington? Not gonna choose. Four Vehicles You’ve Owned 1. 1953 Chevy Bel-Air Sedan—classic two-toned job. Made the mistake of letting someone else drive it while I was touring one summer... 2. 1965 Rambler American—a cream puff. Died in a head-on. (Doof didn't know which side of the double lines to drive on.) 3. 1972 Jaguar XJ-12—a luxurious money pit. Only dependable parts were the GM parts. Lucas Electrics? Feh! Stromberg-Carlson carbs (4 of the damned things)? Double Quadruple feh! 4. 1976 Toyota Corolla—my "baby Japanese Mercedes." 260,000 miles, and I sold it cos I was just tired of it. Kicked myself a few times for that. All gone, now, of course... Four People To Be Tagged *sigh* 1. Romeocat, Cathouse Chat 2. Nancy, Soliloguy 3. Christine, BTW 4. Lyn, Bloggin' Outloud