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Thursday, January 19, 2006

"Neca eos omnes. Deus suos agnoscet."

curmudgeonly rant/ON
In 1209, Arnaud-Amaury, the Abbot of Citeaux, won his place in history with a memorable quote. Referring to the people of Beziers in Southern France, he issued the edict, "Kill them all; God will know his own." Barbarous, eh? Unconscionable, right? But still historically atypical of Christianity, even of a Roman Catholicism once drunk on the Inquisition. But the strange thing is that this philosophy has always been (recall Mohamed's slaughter and enslavement of the Jews of Medina after he accepted their surrender with promises of fair treatment?) and still is a central theological tenet of Islam: submit or die. I propose we begin considering applying moral equivalency to Islam. Say, not in effect but in fact, to Muslims, "You believe you have the right to kill people who refuse to believe as you do? Fine. Submit or die. Renounce Islam or die." Start with Saudi Arabia (and all the other little kleptocratic regimes in the penninsula). Send a company of marines in to kick over the "royal" House of Saud (made so by the Brits after WWI, ya know, when they kicked the Hashemites out of their control of Mecca and handed them Jordan as a sop). Make radioactive glass parking lots out of Mecca and Medina. Then build a monument to the celebrants of 9/11 in the so-called "Palestinian authority"—another radioactive glass parking lot. Then, making sure the demoncraps keep their stinking hands off our borders, GUARD OUR BORDERS well, catch and hang illegals attempting to enter from THE FENCE for carrion birdfeed and repeat: Submit or die. Give 'em a little of their own. Say to CAIR: renounce Islam or die. Lock all mosques (wait until they are full, please) and deliver the ultimatum: submit or die. (Then, of course, raze the things to the ground, sow the earth with salt, pig manue and the rotting corpses of those who refused such a generous offer. etc. I think that's simply just and fair. Offer them a taste (cram it down their throat, rub their noses in it, no matter how anatomically difficult that sequence of events may seem) of their own philosophical stance: submit or die.
curmudgeonly rant/OFF [The opinions expressed above do not necessarily reflect my own. I'm in a temporary state of near apoplexy from the suit the ACLU et al are attempting to bring in order to make America even more defenseless against Islamic savage butchery than the Keystone Kops of Homeland Security, the goons of the "Thousands Standing Around" and the *sigh* "Border patrol" have done. Invoking the war cry of the Loony Left Moonbat Brigade (fair's fair), my feelings and thoughts are all someone else's fault. Blame "them"—whoever "they" are. The voices in my head, my depraved deprived upbringing, too much sugar, too little sugar, caffeine, no caffeine, violent TV/movies/games red dye number X—whatever boogyman du jour, flavor of the day excuse... Free will? Tell that to the Cat in my lap as I attempt to type this thing... Free will? There Is No Free Will. heh It is to laugh. I am her slave, her slave, I tell you!] Ranting from a soapbox at Basil's Picnic (at least ther ants are paying attention).