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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

No Records; Just More Bullshit/OP

The Junior Bloviator from Massachusetts on the NYT-induced twitter about Bush administration electronic surveillance of known terrorists' communications:

''The leak in the White House was an effort to destroy somebody and his family and attack them for telling the truth... The leak that took place in this case is a leak that -- I'm not excusing it -- is to tell the truth about something that violates the rights of Americans and doesn't uphold our Constitution."

Here, Jean Fraud sKerry compares the lame Plame case with the so-called "domestic spying" flap. His statement is so full of lies and distortions (with the little bonus of a flip-flop) that it's a classic sKerryism. First, as even the 9/11 Commission knows and said in its report, Joe Wilson lied himself blue in his weak leak. So any, mention of bias on his part-and a possible reason for that bias-by a White House source coyuld only "destroy somebody and his family " if it were true. The cannard that Plame was a covert agent and in danger if her CIA employment were revealed is demonstrably false. Otherwise, why was Scooter Libby not charged under the law forbidding disclosing a covert agent's identity?

The whole Plame Game was bullshit. Jean Fraud sKerry's a lawyer (of sorts), was a member of the Senate that passed the law. He knows he's lying through his teeth. The whole foundation of his comparison is a lie. Typical of sKerry.

Then rthe sKerryist flip-flop: he excuses the leaks harming the effort to gather intelligence on foreign agents planning terrorist attacks on you and me. Then he says he's not excusing the leaks. And then, of course, he finishes his excusing of the leaks (flip-flop-flip) with another lie: that the leaked information (and their presentation as domestic surveillance) is the truth.

Well, as always with Jean Fraud, yes and no. Yes, of course the NSa (and probably darned near everyone in law enforcement and intelligence circles, except for the feebs at the CIA and the FBI--those agencies once primarily tasked with the job) want to and have listened in on known savage Islamofascist butchers' communications as often as possible. What?!? You want folks dialing numbers, emailing email addresses, that are known Al-Qaeda contacts to have free rein? Even if those calls originated inside the U.S., the monitoring was of the email accounts and phone numbers of known contacts outside the U.S.

Jean Fraud (and the NYT and all the other squawkers in the Mass Media Podpeople's Army, the Loony Left Moonbat Brigade and their ilk) knows this, and lies about it anyway.

Why? Because he knows he's not going to be held accountable for his lies. He's lied his way through life. And what did he get out of it? Well, to name a few things, a wonderful Christmas Vacation in Cambodia that is "seared, seared" in his memory; a cushy Senate seat as the Senior Bloviator from Massachusett's lapdog; a rich sugah mommie to pay for his snowboarding, etc.

Oh, and a free ride on his lies that he would (and then did) release his records. If you've released them, Jean Fraud, where are they? And if you have nothing to fear in the actual records, why are they still not available?

Where's the beef, Jean Fraud?

The poster boy for Bullshit in the new millennium as featured on the No More Bullshit button:

No More sKerry BS_button

See Cao's post today, and

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