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Saturday, January 07, 2006

An Answer to Murtha "Dhimmi-crats"

Michelle Malkin made the following video available for download. She also includes this snippet, as well as a link to the full transcript of the Murtha/Moran townhall meeting designed to elicit anti-war (really, anti-Bush and anti-victory) thetoric last week. "... I think it's a disgrace when members of our Congress --just as they did in 1975 when they sold out the south Vietnamese--are selling out our soldiers today in Iraq!"
Powered by Castpost And just in case you missed it, in an earlier post, Michelle Malkin also provided the following clip of Sgt. Mark Seavey speaking to Murtha and Moran. (She has more from Sgt. Mark Seavey at her blog, linked above.)
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