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Thursday, January 05, 2006

ACLU: Shooting themselves in the foot

Stopping by to check my mail, I found this, and try as I might to NOT comment, well, if you know me by now, you know I had to at least touch on it anyway...

ACLU's Full Page Propaganda In NY Times Part II

My take? Investigate away!

By carefully and wittingly conflating classes of behaviors in some cases and making false distinctions in others, the ACLU and its ilk seek to tar this president with the "spying on Americans" brush.

it won't fly with most Americans. While many American's brushed away the Clintoon perjury with "It's just about sex," it's more difficult to brush this issue away with "It's just about life and death--maybe mine!"

While the Clintoonistas get a bye for more serious and flagrant beavior spying DIRECTLY on Americans for economic and political reasons, quite outside the parameters of any legal authority, Bush is excoriated for exercising his Constitutional responsibilities by intercepting and surveilling communications with foreign agents KNOWN to be enemies of the U.S.

That's not "spying on Americans". It's spying on terrorists' communications, whomever they may be.

And that legitimately scares the bejazus outa the ACLU, especially since it has regularly engaged in active support of terrorists and may well be in a few terrorists' rollodexes…

Note: what follows is a WAG (Wild-Assed Guess), pure speculation.

Frankly, I wonder (note again: COMPLETE SPECULATION in absence of any facts to date) if the ACLU's lawyers aren't worried that some of THEIR treasonous contacts (again, speculation) with terrorists may not have been monitored.

As I plainly said, I have NO WAY of knowing if this speculation has ANY basis in fact, but you know what they say about a stuck pig…


Now, a reasonable person might reasonably infer that the ACLU has lost its collective mind and has entered totally into the reality-based fantasyland inhabited by the denizens of Demoncrappic Underpants and the like And that such behavior will not endear it to millions of Americans who want the Islamofascist S.O.B.s who are intent on killing Americans dead, dead, dead.

It might also be reasonable to think that the ACLU may well fall prey to the Law of Unintended Consequences in ways it least expects...

I'm just waiting for the ACLU to shoot itself in the foot often enough that institutional gangrene sets in. Let's see, by its actions, the ACLU has already said, "We want pedophiles free to promote having sex with your sons," "We want you religious people to STFU!" and now, "We want to use the legal system to assure that terrorists bastards are free to make their plans to kill you."

Expanded from a comment at STACLU.

[Edited a couple of the typos. Not going to look for the rest, though I'm sure they're there.]