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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

It's all OUR fault for not crying "Bullshit!"


Let me loosely describe who the "our" is in the post title. "We" are people who...

See and hear politicians who are closed-minded bigots with elitist dictatorial mindsets and practices describe themselves as liberals (or "progressives"), and politicians who are roll-over-submission puppies who play "me-too" with such liberalistas call themselves conservatives... and we don't call them on it. Instead, we let them label themselves with a lie and accept their self-labeling.

We listen attentively to creationists label their efforts "science" and call themselves ID advocates... and never question their self-labeling any more than we question neodarwinist cultists' claims that their belief system is not a religion.

We watch homosexual advocates, demonstrators and sob sisters weep and wail and gnash their teeth over the latest self-manufactured slight of society and let them self-label their group as "gay" when their behavior and lifestyle-by their own representations and behaviors-is anything but "happy, carefree."

We listen to Mass Media Podpeople claim to be "journalists" or news reporters, and allow them to label themselves so in stark contrast to their obvious editorializing (and sometimes outright lies-witness Blathergate) in so-called "news" reports.

Educrats tell us THE solution to education woes is to spend more money on their ideas that have already proven themselves disasterous, and we nod our heads and say, "Well, they are the experts. After all, they've told us they are."

It's our fault. Every time some person or group misrepresents themselves, their positions or the facts of any matter, we should cry, "Bullshit!"

From now on, whenever you see in print or on TV or hear in the radio or even see/hear in person someone who is obviously lying, misrepresenting the facts, twisting or attempting to decieve about their positions or policies, or mislabeling themselves or their group, throw a red flag and hit 'em with a "Bullshit!" penalty. Here're a couple of handy graphics featuring the first 21st-Century poster boy for No More Bullshit! you can use, if you wish.

No More sKerry BS_button

No More sKerry BS_button

Submitted to the Revolutionary Committees at TMH's Bacon Bits, Conservative Cat and Basil's Picnic.

Update: If crying "Bullshit!" in a crowded livestock arena is a tad strong for you, you might as well consider the Anti-PC League. It's got the right idea, at least. :-)
Anti-PC League