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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The Crux

I know no one who has not done stupid things or behaved dishonestly at some point or another in their lives. And I specifically include myself in that assessment. Only a pathological liar could live past the age of two and say that they've never done something stupid or dishonest with a straight face.

That said, what's the difference between a common, ordinary decent person and the typical Mass Media Podperson, politician *spit*, Academia Nut or Loony Left Moonbat?

It's this: an ordinarily decent person experiences genuine guilt when they catch themselves lying or decieving others and will repent and attempt to remediate their lie. An ordinarily decent person who does something stupid will make every effort to make whole anyone harmed by their stupidity and seek for ways to do better next time.

John F. Kerry, whose name really should be pronounced "Jean Fraud sKerry", is the early 21st century poster boy for pathological liars and wilfull stupidity. From his first entry into public life, he has lived by lying and by slandering others. It's his fundamental personality trait. It doesn't matter to him or to anyone who supports him that his lies are largely a matter of public record, that they have been exposed as lies time after time after time, because he 9and his supporters) care not one whit for truth in any form.

And so, his blatant stupidities get a pass as well. He can contradict himself from one day to another, from one part of a speech or interview to another, from one part of a sentence to another, and to him snd his devotees, his stupidity is a sign of intellect.

Another lie.

So, where are the records Jean Fraud sKerry has promised time and again to make public? Nowhere, mon frere. But that's perfectly sensible when one realizes that an "echo test"* performed on Jean Fraud would return a null value.

No More sKerry BS_button

Jean Fraud: no more B.S. Where's the beef?

Sneered forth at The Liberal Wrong Wing and at Cao's Blog, where the Free Kerry's 180 all started (go there and sign up, eh?)

*The "echo test" was devised by the late, great Werner von Sam Browne as a field test for the presence (or absence) of gray matter between the ears of doofs, politicians and moonbats. Simply have the subject open its mouth, rap it sharply on the noggin a few times. No sound comes out the mouth (beyond the occasional "Ouch!" or the like)? Well, you know, sound doesn't travel in a vaccuum...