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Friday, December 30, 2005

2005 TWC in review

Here it is: the post you've all been waiting for. Right.


A few third world county posts from 2005. Not necessarily "The best of TWC" but certainly representative of the "most unrecognized posts of TWC 2005" :-). Warts and all: typos, tortured syntax, whatever.

January 2005: The LLMB and MMPA's psychotic break with reality

Witness this fair paraphrase of the progression of positions taken by the LLMB and MMPA leading up to and continuing through and beyond the [Iraq] election:

1.) The U.S. is embarking on empire and will not allow self-government by the Iraqis.
(Demonstrably false)
2.) The promised elections are not/will not be possible. (Demonstrably false)
3.) The promised election will not take place on time.(Demonstrably false)
4.) The elections will be a failure, a bloodbath. (Demonstrably false)
5.) The election will be illegitimate (because of non-participation). (Demonstrably false)

February 2005: ::YAWN:: More dog bites man non-news

Belaboring the obvious: Bob Dylan flogs a dead horse...

(Wherein your humble-ha!-author emulates J.E.P. "It's a daybook." It's not well organized or well-edited. It's just stuff that occurs to me to jot down. Notes, to myself as much as anything else.)

Curmudgeon Mode: Tried to take an online musical survey-discovered I'm an antediluvian...

Yeh. Noah still owes me two sheep and a dove...

Recommended Reading between now and the 2006 elections

People of the Lie: The Hope for Healing Human Evil

OK, I can't resist two from March: Men Without Chests

And: St David's Day ;-)

April 2005: Musical Teleology and Musical Survey--not so very. The first offers a perspective on a couple of recent songs and the second...

May 2005: A Conspiracy of Dunces.

A (short) litany of woes

Here's a very short list of things that seem to be aimed at destroying the American experiment in liberty.

And Javascript Cookies™! and Unconscious Parenthood (my bid for a "Blogmothers Day" observance).

June 2005: News from the Islamic jihad and Preparing for '06

(Not that I hold out much hope for the denizens of Demoncrappic Underpants, Moooove-on.orgy, the Mass Media Podpeople'[s Army, the Loony Left Moonbat Brigade, Republican't Congresscritters and their ilk, etc.)

And In your dreams: Headlines from 2006

July 2005: Dysfunctional America

I let my mixmaster loose on the current scene and here's what resulted...

Yes, there is a culltural divide in these United States. And here are a few of the dividing points...

August 2005: Open Borders Kill

"Open Borders"-the words have a ring of liberty, equality, fraternity… but please remember where the last great movement with that catchphrase ended up...

[Throw some sand in various moonbat gears, eh?]

So, Alito's next. The big question: will Republican't Senators do a pants check and find-to everyone's amazement-the stones to carry the nomination through?

Follow the Rabbit Trail (in which my rambling rant becomes more than just rthe usual self-referential metacommentary-see the punchline in comments to that post: there are none :-).

September 2005: Listen with your heart, A lil experiment--first Castpoint trial. And, The real threat.

October 2005: Quick! Spread the 'Karl Rove IS Machiavelli' meme...

Fred on the "poverty excuse"

November 2005: Drive-by post

Yeh, walking through when the TV's babbling one of those touchy-feely "PSAs" that are totally cracked, I hear:

"Friends always make you laugh."


"Hey, dude, your grandma died? That's like, so totally hilarious, man!"

If this doesn't move you... then you need a heart and soul transplant...

December 2005: You're here, browse on your own. I have a cute lil troll commenting on one post. You might find him amusing. I don't think he's trainable, but so far he's not made any serious potty messes. Look around a bit, if you want. Or not.


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