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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Fred on the "poverty excuse"

An answer to the misbehavior of some in New Orleans after Katrina had passed being excused because of their so-called poverty…

Go read Fred Reed’s answer. Then tell me what ya think, eh? Here’s a sample:

“Poor, you see, is not the same as, nor does it imply, nor justify, passive, thieving, dependent, and benighted.”

Really? Who’d a thunk it?  And BTW, it doesn’t excuse ignorance, either:

“I note in passing that anyone who wishes can learn to read, short of the genuinely retarded. Illiteracy is a choice. So is ignorance.”

I disagree with Fred pretty frequently (not that he cares, of course ;-), but, IMO, this column is so bang on accurate it ought to be carved on bats and (oh so kindly) beat into the heads of congresscritters and Mass Media Podpeople. For a start.