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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Where are your freakin' records, John?


I have no new insights, no new “angle” on Jean Fraud sKerry’s damnable character. Just a comment.

I hate people who are liars by nature. Let me be clear: I hate their lies, but a small character quirk of mine singles habitual liars out as contemptible, thoroughly hate-worthy individuals. And slanderers like Kerry (it’s a provable charge) are the most contemptible liars of all.
So his continuing lies—going on two years now, since the inception of the last election campaign cycle—about releasing his military records is just a piece of the whole cloth of the man.
If he were in my presence, I wouldn’t waste a perfectly good gob of spit on him.  I wouldn’t even sic The Boys on him (good doggies! Wouldn’t want them to eat tainted long pig). If he were on fire, I wouldn’t even roast weenies on the flame (toxic fumes, ya know).

Beneath contempt? Ah, that slanders contempt. 

Oh, and have I said that I don’t think he’s worthy of the breath he steals?

By now, given his lies, lies and more lies about just releasing his records (let alone all the other provable lies he has built his life on for more than 30 years) have led me to equate him with the description of human evil put forth by M. Scott Peck in "People of the Lie"

My only quibble with Peck’s description (which I believe fits Jean Fraud sKerry’s personality all too closely) is that Peck holds out hope for such people. I do not.

Jean Fraud sKerry, won’t you please go home (ya know,to Dante’s ninth circle of hell, reserved for the treasonous and for slanderers and their ilk)?

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