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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Unconscious Parenthood

No, it's not what you think
I've run across a lot of blogs that talk about "blogfather" this or "blogmother" that; who mention their "blogdaughters" or "blogsons" or whatever. So, I stopped a sec (really, not much longer than that) and thought, "Who 'spawned' me?"  And you know, it's just a wee tad of a funny thing that my "blogparent" has no idea that they are responsible for inflicting me on the blogosphere...
You see, as of course you do by now, although I was a blog reader for quite some time before starting to blog myself, comment sections on blogs were like an open mic to me: I just hadda talk. And then one day I ran across a blog, rather new at the time, referred to by Hugh Hewitt.  It was a pretty new Blogger account and had some interesting posts I just had to respond to.  But attempting to comment, Blogger told me I had to have a Blogger account cos anonymous comments weren't allowed.
Sooo... I got a blogger account.  And set up a "placeholder" blog.  And named it for an "affectionate" (sometimes frustrated) reference to my place of residence, Third World County.
Well, a placeholder... a bloviator... the two just naturally were made for one another and—a blog was born.
But my Blogmommie never knew, and does not to this day know, that she gave birth (to a 185-lb "baby blogger" heh).  Shhhh! Don't tell her.  She might expect a Mothers Day card!
Hey! That's an idea for a meme!
Quick: Kris (Anywhere But Here), Bou (Boudicca's Voice) and Sissy (And What Next)—the only three I know that have "Blogmoms" who immediately spring to mind—you're tagged!  Everyone who has a "Blogmom" send a Blogmothers Day™ eCard, preferrably one you write yourself.  I'll start by sending my unintentional Blogmom an eCard... (Gee, now have to make one up--maybe I can scan an old drawing from one of my kids' "refrigerator days"... heh)
Update: (with below) Oh, yeh, and tag three if you can.  This isn't such a nasty or bothersome thing as most of the pestering festering sores passed around as blogmemes.  [Add: Let's let this be a little Lemon Fresh Bleach in the Blogosphere Meme Pool™]
"Blogmothers Day™"—I like it.
Ooooo... Kris likes the idea... Bou says she has two Blogfathers... Hmmm, I wonder how that'd work out?  Blogfathers for Blogmothers Day™... La Cage Aux Folles (1979)? Or how about the more recent version, The Birdcage (1996)? Either would make fine Blogfather gifts for Blogmothers Day™, don't you think?
Update#2: Be sure to get in on spreading the Blogmothers Day™ meme! And if you don't have a Blogmother, consider "adopting" one, eh? See here for more.
ANOTHER UPDATE: My Blogmother has now acknowledged her progeny (of course, she had no idea what she had "birthed" until I mentioned to her my thanks for being directly instrumental in my "blog birth"... and her early encouragement with a simple and thoughtful email).  Thanks, Carol. And, as always, you can CLICK through to her site from my blogroll.  Sharp observation and analysis from a perspective of "...American political and religious liberty, free enterprise, limited government, military strength and traditional values..."