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Friday, May 06, 2005

Time is getting short!

[BUMP to top: time IS getting short.  See IMAO shopping tips for Blogmothers Day™ at bottom of post]
Be sure to get in on spreading the Blogmothers Day™ meme! And if you don't have a Blogmother, consider "adopting" one, eh?
And remember also that Blogfathers Day™ is coming up in a month or so...
I don't care if you're a member of The Dysfunctional Blogfamily™, we can all share a little Bloglove® on these special days.
Let's swamp the Blogosphere Meme Pool™® with warm fuzzies for these days, eh?
(Anyone want to take point on spreading the "Blogosphere Meme Pool™®" meme? LOL)
Last minute shoppers! See this at IMAO.  It just might answer your Blogmothers Day™ shopping needs!
Oh, and Whizbang ! is doing a roundup of "posts you may have missed"—and if I did the trackback right on that puppy, this one may well show up there, too... in the trackbacks section.  Some interesting stories there, including a rant about a school that banned playinng "Louie, Louie." Spread the word about Blogmothers Day™ , folks... time is running out.
UPDATE: check out the comments on this over at Bou's.
ANOTHER UPDATE: My Blogmother has now acknowledged her progeny (of course, she had no idea what she had "birthed" until I mentioned to her my thanks for being directly instrumental in my "blog birth"... and her early encouragement with a simple and thoughtful email).  Thanks, Carol. And, as always, you can CLICK through to her site from my blogroll.  Sharp observation and analysis from a perspective of "...American political and religious liberty, free enterprise, limited government, military strength and traditional values..."