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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Confederate Yankee Analyzes Modern "Liberalism"

Dissecting the rotting corpse of the undead
Liberalism is dead.  We are left with the Night of the Undead Liberalism-that-isn't.  Liberal, that is.  Confederate Yankee analyzes the pathology of soi-disant liberals, progressives, whatever-they-call-themselves-today.  Be sure to read Part I and then continue to Part II .
"Among the Left Branch Davidians" is must read material.
Brief sample:
"Liberals really do live in a "reality-based community."

"On a strict linguistic level, "-based" simply means something similar to, but other than. Water-based paints have water in them, but the paints are hardly water. In this same way, the "reality-based community" has some reality in it, but reality is only a small component of their constructed world... "