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Monday, January 31, 2005

The LLMB and MMPA's psychotic break with reality

A Charitable Explanation for the Words/Deeds of the Loony Left Moonbat Brigade and the Mass Media Podpeople's Army OK, here's the deal. Understanding the LLMB and the MMPA entails twisting your mind around one singloe solitary fact: nothing, absolutely nothing, is true, factual or in any way connected with reality in their minds or words or deeds if it contradicts their preconcieved, deliberately chosen delusions. It's why they could field Joh nKerry as a "serious" presidential candidate. Since nothing he said was connected to facts, truth or committment to any course of action save for personal "validation," his changing positions from one day to the next, from one minute to the next, from one portion of a sentence to the next convoluted portion of the same sentence, he was entirely consistent as viewed through the warped lenses of the LLMB and the MMPA. Listing other disconnects from reality such as Barbara Boxer's delusions, Ted Kennedy's well, existence, would serve little to expand the case for my assertion. Little could expand beyond the example of Jean Fraud sKerry. But one example from current events might serve to illustrate the model. The LLMB and MMPA statements leading up to and even continuing beyond the Iraq elections are a perfect illustration of this complete disconnect from fact, honesty, or, indeed, any semblance of actual events. (This is the charitable construction. Any other explanation for the LLMB and MMPA involves a discussion of Scott Peck's book, People of the Lie, an interesting exploration of the phenomenon of human evil.) Witness this fair paraphrase of the progression of positions taken by the LLMB and MMPA leading up to and continuing through and beyond the election: 1.) The U.S. is embarking on empire and will not allow self-government by the Iraqis. (Demonstrably false) 2.) The promised elections are not/will not be possible. (Demonstrably false) 3.) The promised election will not take place on time.(Demonstrably false) 4.) The elections will be a failure, a bloodbath. (Demonstrably false) 5.) The election will be illegitimate (because of non-participation). (Demonstrably false) Now, the LLMB and MMPA voices still clinging to the hope that the adventure to build a free and democratic Iraq will fail and the Iraqi people will be worse off than ever are arguing that the election (which they have formerly insiste would not happen, could not happen, woulf be an utter failure, etc.) was the easy part, that the dangers still posed by the reactionary mass murderers the LLMB and MMPA still insist are "insurgents" will topple this fragile nascent democracy. To which the Iraqi people say: Posted by Hello