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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Reverse the flow (GTB/0pen Post)

[This is a combo "Guard the Borders"/Open Post. See Open Post info below or in my Left sidebar.]

Emmigration may just be the key...*heh* No, really: think about it for a second. Yes, we do need a wall and better (more) Coast Guard and Navy protection of our borders. Heck, we need thousands more customs agents to inspect imports.

And that's just for proper security.

But we do need gates in the walls and barriers. Gates that swing both ways. Some recent estimate hold that, although America is still by and large a technology leader, but the Business Roundtable has presented a study that asserts "If current trends continue, by 2010 more than 90% of the world's scientists and engineers will live in Asia... " Not only that, but most college grads today are, if not illiterate, severely subliterate, unable to read and comprehend simple printed information. BTW, we're not alone. Despite John Stossel's recent presentation of "Stupid in America" demonstrating that European kids outpaced American students in academic accomplishment at accelerating rates the longer each group was in school, Britain, at least, is experiencing a severe dumbing down of its population, too. Despite the rather shallow "analysis" in the article linked, I have little doubt that at least some of the "enstupiating" of British youth has something to do with the changing mix of immigrants.

We should have stronmg walls and gates that swing both ways. For those coming in, let them first demonstrate that they have something of value to contribute, and we should especially concentrate on recruiting high caliber immigrants in the hard sciences, recruiting them to become full citizens and fully assimilate into their new country, to become real Americans and not hyphenated Americans.

On the other side of the coin, why not do everything possible to encourage the stupid among us, most especially those who once had the native intelligence to become good citizens but who have chosen to allow the American "education" system and "pop culture" to make them into functional idiots... to emmigrate. Yup. Leave, go elsewhere, buh-bye!

Might I suggest we start with offering every congresscritter, pubschool (prisons for kids) administrator and "education" school academia nut retirement packages to emmigrate to Mexico? (With a concommittant seisure off all other assets under the justification that they are incompetent idiots, as evidenced by, well, darned near anything "accomplished by congress in too darned long a time and the shambles educrats and academia nuts have made of their end of education in this country.). Followed by foceably dumping Hollyweird celebrities, writers and producers, en masse, across our southern border? Then, get out invitations to a party held by Dr. Tarr and Mr. Fether to alla the Mass Media Podpeople intent on running the U.S. down at every opportunity and give them free "rail" transportation to Vicente Fox's home state of Guanajuato. Along with every illiegal alien his government has aided across our southern border...

For a start...

Just a thought. We need more smart people, and we are more and more manufacturing dummies through our schools and pop culture. Let's get rid of the worst idiots and "import" some good folk in their place.

(Ah, heck, let's throw out at least 90% of the country's federal bureaucrats while we're at it. Hard enough that they bounce a few times after hitting the ground across ANY border... )

This is my contribution to the Guard the Borders Blogburst. Like it or lump it. :-)

As I said, Open Post. Link here and track back.


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