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Saturday, January 08, 2005

Stolen Resolve

I had to steal someone else's resolution this year, cos I'm already perfect, ya know. Well, apart from that "theft" thing... [heh] Someone came up with a New Year's resolution I think I can keep. Can't credit it, cos I recieved it in email from someone who doesn't know where it came from... ================================================================ The Doctor told me I should start an exercise program. Not wanting to harm this old body, I've "resolved" to do the following: Monday Beat around the bush Jump to conclusions Climb the walls Wade through the morning mail Tuesday Drag my heels Push my luck Make mountains out of mole hills Hit the nail on the head Wednesday Bend over backwards Jump on the Band Wagon Run around in circles Thursday Advise the President on how to run the country Toot my own horn Pull out all the stops Add fuel to the fire Friday Open a can of worms Put my foot in my mouth Start the ball rolling Go over the edge Saturday Pick up the pieces!! Sunday Kneel in prayer Bow my head in thanksgiving Uplift my hands in praise Hug someone and encourage them.