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Sunday, January 02, 2005

Hollywood=Terminal Stupidity

Hollyweird Computer Illiteracy Equalled Only by Hollyweird Stupidity Yeh, it's just one minor example, but multiply it by a daily deluge of Hollyweird malapropisms, sub-literate language, lack of plot contimuity and absence of character development in, um, characters (assuming there are any characters that are more than cardboard cutouts), and it's a constant source of reason to avoid Hollyweird "entertainment". Latest example? Really minor, but irritating nonetheless. I was walking through the TV room and caught for a second by what could have been a moderately interesting plotline: automated service systems (water, traffic control, etc.) corrupted by a virus. Chaos, loss of life ensues. OK, here's where things fly off the wall. It's all apparently the fault of a kid who, during a visit to the office of a bigshot in "the" company responsible for the control hardware/software at question, UPLOADS (from media he carries in with him) a piece of music with a virus embedded. So? So the guy who's the bigshot genius head of the company (and, BTW, has difficulty using a mouse and faking keyboard use) confronts the kid and accuses him of DOWNLOADING "something" into his computer (which of course is connected to all the public works platforms throughout the city and the world that use the company's hardware/software). Download and upload are different. Seems like the bigshot genius head of the company would know that—except, well, he's a Hollyweird bigshot genius head of the company, so he's an idiot. Oh, yeh, and all the other completely implausible minutiae plopped into the thing so that within 2 mins, I was singing to myself "Bored now, bored now, nored now... " and up and gone. [yawn!] If tghe writers, producers and director (not to mention the actors and all the crew) had two brain cells to rub together among them all, it could have been an interesting plot. But then it would not have been typical Hollyweird.